Wednesday, 1 June 2011

things are looking a little different

when i started updating my blogroll last night, i couldn't resist looking at new blog templates. i've been wanting to change the annoying pink colour for quite some time now, and i've finally managed to change it to whatever this colour is. something on the red spectrum, which is good, though it too may get annoying after a bit. i always try to use bold for my posts because one of my readers early on found it difficult to read with the old background. i've been forgetting to do this a lot lately, which is not good. i shall try to be more vigilant, as i suspect trying to read white on this odd colour is probably even harder.

and now i have the problem of my blog header clashing with the rest of the colour scheme. but i'm loathe to give it up, since a very kind person donated it to me very soon after i started the blog (you can see her kind offer in comments here). so yeah, i'm just going to live with the clash and subject you all to it as well. sorry!

i've added a few new blogs to the blogroll, along with the link to the MMP campaign. three of these are women writers, all ex-hand mirror & still producing wonderful posts. the other is muslimah media watch, which i should read more often because they have some really good stuff. i really recommend this one (which is actually by a guest poster, but still good).

and finally, a link to a statement issued by manal alsharif, the saudi woman who was jailed for driving in saudi arabia & posting a you-tube video of this. i just hate to think what she has gone through in jail and i pray for her safety. it's such a difficult fight for these women to get such a basic right. here a facebook group supporting ms alsharif, though many of the posts are in arabic (which i don't understand either), most of it is in english.

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