Thursday, 16 June 2011

ash cloud

nothing much to say for today, except that i very selfishly hope the ash cloud in chile continues to grow, just for another day or so. that will mean i get to stay home & relax this weekend - and attend a couple of meetings that i'd otherwise have to miss.

but one issue that arises is the need to develop some reliable forms of local & international transport for when nature causes a big fail. when europe had to stop for a week last year, it was a huge stress, both economically & socially. it's time we had some innovation in transport. seriously, how long has it been since we've had a major new invention - like rail, the bicycle, motor cars, air planes. we haven't had anything spectacularly new for decades.

a quick link to my latest post on the hand mirror on gift duty. and looking forward to a quiet & restful night. sweet dreams to all of you.


Hugh said...

I don't think we will ever have a form of transport that is immune to disruption by nature. Even the transporters in Star Trek were constantly getting futzed up by "space weather"!

stargazer said...

true, but if there were more options, perhaps different ones would work in different situations. me, i'm thinking i'd to try a rocket-man form of transport. it would be great for an ash cloud but useless in a storm. but my favourite would definitely be the "beam me up, scottie", mostly because it would save time

Hugh said...

The whole "being disintegrated and replaced by your clone" angle doesn't bother you?

Personally I'm holding out for submarines to become a viable means of personal transport - they certainly won't have to worry about bad weather - but I'm not quite ready to buy stock in that company yet.