Monday, 6 June 2011

a relaxing weekend

it's the end of the long weekend, and i haven't got nearly as much done as i needed to. on the other hand, i've had a reasonable break which i very much needed. i did get my tax return done & filed online (yay, i love the internets), i watched water for elephants, and finally got around to watching a few episodes of little mosque on the prairie.

the film wasn't too bad. the story wasn't particularly original, but still it was well done. and rpattz was looking nice, i have to admit. to me, the underlying issues rather than the main plot were what kept me interested. the setting of the depression and its effects on working people, as well as the various levels of exploitation of people and animals were well-presented. the only thing that annoyed me was the cliche of hero saving the princess from the monster: i much prefer the stories where the princess saves herself. but i guess you can't have everything.

i have to say i loved "little mosque on the prairie", mostly because it is sooooooooooo easy to identify with the issues. it's very cleverly done - perfectly captures life of muslims in the west, and the characters are brilliant. i can pretty much point to people in my community who fit them exactly! i'm definitely going to try to catch up on more episodes when i get a chance.

i've also managed to get some posts up at the hand mirror: one on the tragic accident in onehunga & what it says about workplace safety in this country, another on some wonderful contributions by women of colour (directed to a couple of these via facebook), and one on the outgoing chief human rights commissioner, the absolutely amazing rosslyn noonan.

finally for today, i'm sharing this song by annie lennox, because she is fabulous and because dangerous liaisons (on which the video is based) is my favourite ever english-language film:

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