Tuesday, 31 May 2011

campaigning for MMP in print

i have a very busy week this week, with meetings on almost every night, sometimes two in one night. i expect the next month to be extremely busy - things are starting to catch up with me. it doesn't help that hamilton is the venue for some exciting events in the coming year ie the diversity forum and the next national interfaith forum. it also doesn't help that there's an election.

last night i was busy writing up a piece on MMP, to be published by indian newslink. i always appreciate their support - they have been willing to publish anything i send them. i'm also adding the website for the campaign for MMP onto my blogroll, though it's not strictly a blog. but given the big money is behind the campaign to ditch MMP, we have to do everything we can to form a strong opposition to them. if you can, please also join the facebook page to keep up with the latest updates & press releases.

i've also got a couple of posts up at the hand mirror: one on some dogwhistling racism by sky city casinos, one on the pressure being put on whitcoulls employees to sign away their employment rights, and another on the impact of breach of suppression orders via twitter on victims of sexual assault.

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