Thursday, 16 July 2009

another year over

i'm another year older today. well, actually only another day older, but it's just the day we choose to mark another year gone by of our lives. pretty eventful year, what with an election campaign, an overseas trip, a ramble around the far north, being featured in a book, the death of a good friend and various other goings on. on the global scene, there was the election of the first black president in america, the awful siege in gaza, upheaval in iran, and bombings in bombay.

it's certainly been quite a year, full of rich experiences both positive and negative. it's really nice to have the blog to look over the past year, to remind me of the things i've been doing and the things i've been thinking. mostly, thinking back over the last year, i can only come up with that terrible cliche: it's a wonderful life. all of it.

have posted at the hand mirror, about j k rowling. yup, we've got tickets for the latest harry potter film, should be seeing it tomorrow!