Monday, 13 July 2009


another brief hiatus in posting, as i got some important things done over the weekend. one of which was my tax return. i know, i know, i'm an accountant and should be totally on top of these kinds of things. and really, it's only about one and a half hours of work so i don't know why it looms as such a large job in my mind. but there you go. at least it's done and posted, and i can relax for another year (on that issue at least!).

i haven't linked to a couple of posts that went up at the hand mirror last friday, one on the media coverage of the sophie elliot trial, and another on the tragic murder in a german court of a pregnant egyptian woman, and the shooting by a police officer of her husband who was trying to get to her. earlier this evening, i put up a post on the kirsten dunne-powell interview aired on 60 minutes, tv3.

all of which is serious stuff, way too serious. so i'll just briefly reflect on the three roses that are in bloom outside my window & the very pretty camelia flowers i saw on a bush at our mosque in hamilton. i have no idea why these flowers would be out at this time of the year, but they look especially pretty at a time when many of the trees are without leaves. and in a few weeks the spring blossoms will be out. the plum trees that line my parents street have the loveliest pale pink blossoms, and it's a real pleasure to drive with them lining the road on both sides. unfortunately they only last for a little while, but definitely worth it.

i really hate gardening (i'm no good with bugs and slimy creatures in the soil, and i definitely don't like the mess), which is funny because i really love the beauty of nature & can spend quite a bit of time just looking at things and savouring the beauty of them. i think i could easily spend several hours watching waves at the beach, or watching leaves rustle in the wind. i don't get too much time to do things like that just now, when there seems to be so many other important things to do. but i think i really should make time. contemplation is an end in itself.


Deborah said...

I love gardening, weeding, planting, pruning, planning, thinking about the future, smelling a flower, picking herbs for cooking. It's very contemplative, and my one area of real creativity.

My girls and I have been planting today, in their own garden patches, and thinking about what flowers and fruits and vegies they can grow.

stargazer said...

sounds like a great activity to be doing with the kids. i know my girls do some gardening with their dad, but i can never find any desire within myself for it. i used to spend time weeding and watering the vege garden when i was little, and the fresh veges were wonderful. especially green peas, picked and eaten on the spot. sigh...