Tuesday, 7 July 2009

meeting friends

a bit light on posting the last week. partly cos i was busy putting up the carnival & partly because my health is still troubling me. another visit to the doctor today, another afternoon off work. in fact, i don't think i've felt well since queen's birthday weekend.

but i've still been managing a few things. one of which was to visit julie in the weekend and meet wriggly again. he's running around now, rather than crawling as when i saw him last. he decided that he really loved my car keys and spent the whole visit with them clutched tightly in his little hands. another highlight was to visit a friend from my childhood, whose parents run the hollywood dairy featured on radio nz's asian report (afternoons, 3.30pm). as is the case when you meet up with childhood friends, we reminisced about growing up in 1970's nz and how different it is for our now teenage daughters. damn, i must be getting old! i'm certainly feeling old just now, but hopefully that will go away as the weather warms up.

in the meantime, i've put a more substantial post at the hand mirror, about a speech hon margaret wilson gave earlier this year.

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