Tuesday, 31 March 2009

what's it worth?

i've posted again at the hand mirror on a training session i attended today.

also, in case you missed asia downunder this week, there was a clip about the crescent moon exhibition in porirua. you can watch it here, it starts at the end of chapter 2 and finishes at the end of chapter 3.


Random lurker said...

Sorry to be random, but, what are your thoughts on the BBC World Have Your Say programme discussing women and religion?


stargazer said...

i haven't been ignoring you, random lurker. i've only just had time to sit down and look at the links you've put up above. i've read the twitter & am just starting to go through the blog.

it's a difficult issue & i'm really going to need some time to a)read all the comments and b) have a think about it all before i can give you a response. it's certainly not a simple issue!

so rest assured, a response will be forthcoming even it takes a while!

Random lurker said...

Oh no hurry at all. I just thought it was an interesting discussion (have a listen to the podcast if you can), and I was wondering what your thoughts would be. I'm a fairly regular reader of the hand mirror and enjoy your posts.