Wednesday, 9 September 2009

getting tired

ramadan is nearly two thirds over, and i'm really starting to feel it now. mostly it's the tiredness that's getting to me, and i find that i'm less productive. which makes me wonder how those with a genuinely inadequate diet arising from poverty cope with their days. especially if they have the knowledge that there really is no way out.

i know i'll be back to normal in another 11 or so days, and that makes it so much easier to cope.

in the meanwhile, i've been putting a few posts up at the hand mirror, one linking to catriona maclennan's paper on consent laws, another on the rather odd decision to have nigel latta be part of the review team who will determine whether or not the new s59 is working properly, another on ACE protests happening around the country this saturday, and a last one on the success of collective action which has seen a back down from a clothing manufacturer.

and one final note. i was thinking, in response to the gang patch ban in w(h)anganui, that 5,000 should turn up there with patches. maybe do it once a month. it'll clog up the court system so fast that they might want to have another think about the sanity of that particular piece of legislation. we really don't have mass civil disobedience happening in this country, but this is one that i think would be quite interesting in terms of a non-violent protest.


Deborah said...

I've been thinking of you during this month of Ramadan. It seems to me very much like a cleansing time, and a time of connecting with community.

stargazer said...

thanx deborah. it's not an easy month, but certainly one with a lot of benefits which aren't always obvious. having had a decent night's sleep, i'm feeling a lot better today!

really appreciate your thoughts (& thanx also for the submissions to the down under feminists carnival!).