Tuesday, 8 September 2009


this seems to be my year for free stuff. the girls were given free make-over vouchers from farmers, to be used at the elizabeth arden counter. so off we went a few weeks ago, and they got made-up to the hilt. i counted at least 14 products that were used, starting with the cleanser and toner, moisturiser, foundation etc etc. if you're a woman, you'll know the whole routine.

knowing the general price range of each product, i thought of how many hundreds of dollars it would cost if you were to buy all of them and use them daily. for a person who gave up on all make-up quite some years ago, i'm thinking that it seems like an awful lot of time, effort and expense. but i can also see the seduction aspect of the process - the girls did look quite stunning after it was all done.

even more seductive was the $60 voucher from professionail, which bought a manicure each for myself and the girls. it was the first time we'd had a manicure. it was very nice. the pedicures looked great as well, with the massage chairs and the foot spas. yup, i can see how easy it is to get hooked on this stuff.

and today, i picked up the free photograph i won from seddon portrait house. it's beautiful, with a lovely wood frame. over $1,500 worth of photograph, but it definitely looks like it. the staff there were wonderful, and i never did get any kind of hard-sell when i went in for the viewing 6 weeks ago. i totally showed off the photograph at work, and at a dinner function i was at tonight. why not? they deserve the publicity. so if you live in hamilton and want to get professional photograph done, i'd definitely recommend them.

i'm thinking at this point i should say something deep and meaningful about our consumerist society, and how easy it is to get sucked in to buying stuff. but no, not today. today i'm just going to enjoy my photograph, and remember fondly the other experiences. sometimes it's ok to be frivolous.


Boganette said...

I really don't get the make-up thing. I've worn make-up maybe twice in my life (when a friend gave me a make-over aged 15 and my sisters wedding). I've never even owned a mascara.

I do have a grape flavoured chapstick. Does that count as make-up?

Make-up just seems too complicated and expensive to me. And I figure if I've gone without it for so long I may as well not get into it.

Oh but I love getting my eyebrows done. And I used to get a hair treatment every week. Oh I feel like a massage now.

stargazer said...

yeah, i can't be bothered with make-up anymore, but it does make quite a difference to appearance. i went through a phase in my early twenties when i spent 15 minutes every morning on make-up, but got over that a long time ago! and i'm sure it's not at all good for the skin.