Thursday, 3 September 2009

diversity awards

one thing about ramadan is that it is a very social month. muslims love to invite one another for the evening meal to break their fast, pray and then share dinner together. to the extent that when one 5 year old was asked at school what ramadan was about, she said "oh, that's the time of year we have parties".

so today, i helped to cook for 28 people. i did some of the preparation last night, hence no energy to post, when i finally got to bed at 10.30pm! but it's all worth it, it adds to the specialness that is ramadan.

in the meantime, i've put up a couple of posts at the hand mirror, a brief one with links relating to the cartwright inquiry, and another one about the case of the muslim woman who was barred from a hastings courtroom.

i really missed not being at the diversity forum this year, it's such a great opportunity to catch up with people and to see the wonderful work going on in this country to reduce discrimination and to increase a sense of community and belonging for all nzers. the diversity awards are an opportunity to recognise the best of these, and i'd highly recommend a read through of this year's winners.

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