Monday, 28 February 2011

standing out

i've had a very hectic weekend, with meetings on saturday and sunday. the sunday one involved a trip to mt maunganui. at lunch time, i had to go into the main shopping district to grab some food, and wow, did i stand out. i've rarely felt so many pairs of eyes staring at me, and when i looked around, there really wasn't anyone who wasn't, well, white. it was an uncomfortable feeling, and given the comparitive diversity of hamilton in the last decade, one that i had forgotten.

i've covered issues of race in a post at the hand mirror today, mainly in relation to media coverage. i did want to raise this in my last post here, but it didn't seem to be the right time. i hope it's not upsetting to people now, but i believe it's something that has to be considered.

for those of you who aren't my facebook friend, i'll also share my current status:

some religious types have blamed this earthquake on a lack of morality. yet, when giving examples of such a lack, not a single one of them has pointed to the WWG report, which is completely devoid of morality, humanity and compassion. funny that.

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