Monday, 24 January 2011

in which i appreciate my teenage daughters

hamilton hosts the islamic women's council annual convention every 5 years. this is because the conference rotates around the country, so that women from every centre have a chance to attend without having to spend too much on travel. this is the fourth time it's been in hamilton, and the first time i haven't had to be the main organiser.

but still, it's a lot of work. i'm glad to say the conference was very successful, and i hope that participants felt it was worth attending. there was a dedicated group of wonderful women who were worked off their feet, but i'm sure they all feel it was well worth the effort. as for myself, i could barely walk by the time we'd finished on saturday night, and came home and crashed yesterday when it was over. i'm especially proud of my daughters, who not only worked extremely hard but also tried to look after their mother as best they could. there are (many) times when having teenaged daughters is a wonderful thing.

having a mother is a wonderful thing as well. i've used up much of my writing energy on a post at the hand mirror about my mum. so i'll refer you to that for tonight, and write more about the conference later.

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