Sunday, 16 January 2011

back to work blues

sigh. my holidays are over, and it's back to work tomorrow. i'm really not looking forward to getting back to the daily grind, and i haven't managed to get done all the things i wanted during the break. still, i got through some of them and had some wonderful times with the family.

this week i'll be busy with the muslim women's conference in hamilton, starting this friday. so it'll be a little light on the posting. i've had a few posts up at the hand mirror the last week or so that i haven't linked to here. there's
one on women in haiti, another on sole parents becoming political targets as poor policy from the government means higher-than-expected deficits, and a third reacting to an article in the wall street journal about "chinese" mothers.

ETA: a few links of interest to share, which various people have directed me towards:
- this on global capitalism, in relation to recent natural disasters
- this which has a video clip of 2 muslim women speaking about wearing niqab & hijab
- this from kenneth leong, in response to an anti-immigrant flyer being distributed in christchurch
- this about the situation in tunisia (go the tunisian people, i hope they get to reclaim their country and turn it into one with more social justice & the freedom to practice their religion)
- and finally this rather brilliant piece of satire at the dim post, clearly better than my approach of dealing with the subject seriously.

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