Friday, 14 January 2011

daily miracle

yesterday i did a basic first aid course. i've done first aid courses before of course, but not for many years. in fact, the only one i can remember is when i was a girl guide (yeah, really, i was!). anyway, i sat through the course & practiced the compressions and breathing on the dummies, as well as various other stuff.

i can't believe how queasy it all made me. just the mention of the various types of injuries had me developing mental pictures that really were inducing nausea. i'm thinking that i'm probably not the best person to turn to in case of an emergency. i hope that i never do have to face one, but if it does happen, i also hope that i will be able to put all squeamishness aside and do what needs to be done. maybe i should go volunteer at a hospital or something, just to build up some toughness around these things.

but the most overwhelming thought i had as we went through the various topics was this: it is a pretty big miracle that so many human beings get through their day without any serious hurt or injury happening to them or to their loved ones. i thought about how i really don't appreciate that anywhere near enough. i've had to deal with my kids breaking bones & chicken pox, but thank the Lord, that is really the worst of it. for myself, i've had the odd medical thing happening but haven't had anything more than an overnight stay at hospital (not counting childbirth, and i didn't have any complications in either delivery).

considering all the different ways that things can go wrong, whether by illness or accident, it really is a wonderful thing when we can go through our day without having to feel pain or grief.

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