Wednesday, 10 November 2010

round the bridges

i had 24 hours offline yesterday, which i need to do every now and then. wasn't feeling too well, which means i missed my (so-called) training for the round the bridges walk in a couple of weeks. when i say "training", i mean a walk on the treadmill, and i'm still terribly unfit. i walked 2.23 km in half an hour today, still nowhere near the 6km i have to walk in about 10 days. sigh. let's hope it's a sunny day, and i guess i'll have to take my time. i'll be part of the muslim women's team, there were about 10 of us last year. one of our team did the walk in her niqab (full face covering) last yet. i'm actually looking forward to this - i had a nice sense of achievement from managing to finish it last year.


Deborah said...

I've had a wretchedly bad year for doing exercise, and now I feel flabby, and unhappy. But this morning I managed to get myself out of bed and out the door for a 25 minute walk, and came home and did some leg raises (it would be nice if my tummy muscles came to live with me again, because every now and then I have real problems due to their absence). I felt invigorated by it. But like you, terribly unfit. I'm hoping to be feeling a bit fitter by the time we get home just before Christmas.

stargazer said...

yup, i've also done very little this year. i used to do regular walks down to the river and around the streets. don't know why i've felt so unmotivated lately. so i entered this event just to try and get back into regular excercise. summer also tends to help.