Monday, 22 November 2010

hoping for a good result

i've had a very hectic weekend, and am still pretty exhausted. i was at the women's studies association conference on friday night & saturday. i gave my speech saturday morning, & got to meet sue bradford & catherine delahunty, both lovely women. there were so many wonderful women speakers, and i tried to get some of the things they said down on paper, but a lot of it was quite academic so that was difficult to do. also, i think i'm out of practice - it's been a long while since i had to take notes at a lecture!

sunday was the 6km walk around the bridges (yup, still a bit store), and i was quite busy after that as well. i managed the race about 3 minutes under last year's time, but then i didn't end up doing much preparation in the last few days - just too busy. oh well, maybe i better start training for next year!

so, not in the mood to write anything very meaningful this evening. also, the mining accident at the pike river mine has me on edge. i'm hating the news coverage - makes me want to throw things at the tv. especially the news ads - the fact that they are using this to advertise future news bulletins grates terribly. radio nz is a lot better, in that there are no commercials & the coverage is not so obviously trying to capture the tears & suffering to increase ratings.

i just can't get out of my mind how horrible this must be for the families down there, how much more difficult for the ones stuck in the mines. i know the rescue workers are doing their absolute best, and yet the waiting without knowing is a very heavy feeling. and i don't even know anyone involved in this personally. here's hoping for better things tomorrow.

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Deborah said...

a very heavy feeling

Yes. This captures it all exactly. I have been so heavy hearted about it, hoping for a good outcome, but realistically, fearing the worst, and feeling so heartsore for those who are waiting, and waiting, and waiting.