Monday, 15 November 2010

the performing snake

unfortunately i've been neglecting posting here, as i've been busy at the hand mirror. here's a quick list of posts over the last few days:

- a wonderful malaysian woman who
won a thesis competition in hamilton
- a
speech i'll be doing on saturday at the women's studies association conference
- a
headline failure by the waikato times
- an excellent video clip about education
- a farewell to hon pansy wong
- a meeting of wise women held in nz last week
- and finally, an excellent judgement by judge andrew becroft

so not much left to say just now. other than the fact that the broadcaster who will not be named continues to be a clueless moron, who can't understand that he wasn't exercising free speech, he was excercising paid speech subject to a code of standards. which standards he well and truly breached. on the plus side, he recognises that he is a snake, and i do agree that his former employers were just as much to blame for his on-screen antics.

that he would have been paid for an interview in a women's mag is also quite sad. and such a whinging interview, which if given by anyone else, would have had his supporters telling the person to "harden up & get over it". still, slagging off his former employers is a good sign that he won't be rehired any time soon. let's hope another channel isn't going to give him a platform he doesn't deserve.

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