Friday, 16 April 2010

women in leadership

i've been posting at the hand mirror over the last couple of days, with a post on the issue of whether or not girls and women are more violent than they used to be, and another post today on women in leadership positions.

this evening i attended the AGM of the waikato multi-cultural services trust. this is the organisation that runs the migrant resource centr on boundary road in hamilton, which houses a range of agencies. they are also involved in running a range of projects in the area of settlement support. it's great to see the organisation doing so well, and providing much needed support particularly during the recession.

the success in recent years has largely been due to the work of the outgoing manager, rebecca fraser, who has provided incredible leadership and organisational skills, along with a whole heap of empathy and advocacy. an excellent example of successful woman leader, and an inspiration to all of us who know her.

the new manager who has stepped into her role also looks to be dynamic and talented. here's hoping wonderful things for and from this organisation well into the future.

i have a bit of a headache today from the sound of cars racing around the v8 track. my workplace is a couple of blocks away from the tracks, and it's incredible the amount of noise these cars make. our office is fully air-conditioned so we have no open windows to let the noise in. but it was still incredibly loud. i'm wondering how people who spend the day watching the races manage.

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