Wednesday, 21 April 2010

bringing compassion back

more posting at the hand mirror this week: one on mondayising public holidays, another on the pathetic coverage of the v8s in the waikato times, and this one on why i don't like unauthorised biographies.

last night i was at the AGM for the waikato interfaith council. it's been a quiet year for the wifco, as compared to the previous year when we had the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the united nations declaration of human rights. it's just a reflection of how busy everyone gets, and how much our time is taken up with various causes.

it was really nice to have our deputy mayor, cr pippa mahood, take part. it gave a message that the city council sees some value in the organisation and what it stands for. speaking of which, the charter for compassion was circulated during the meeting. it's a lovely statement, and a reminder that compassion is missing from so many of the daily interactions we undertake.

the messages are simple, but such a pertinent and important reminder to think of and care for others in big and little ways. if you haven't signed up, i'd recommend it. along with a regular reading of the charter as a reminder to keep compassion at the heart of lives.

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