Sunday, 18 April 2010

another weekend over...

yet more posting at the hand mirror, one on ads about women's products and another on useless arguments about the past.

and since it's sunday night and i'm feeling lazy after a hard day of vetting CVs (all as part of my volunteer work), i'm just going to link to a couple of posts other people have written:

- this excellent post from brian edwards, detailing some rather nasty behaviour by the aussie media. a clip of the relevant mediawatch report can be found here (hat tip to a commentor on brian's blog).

- this gem from shakesville, which is an answer to all the grammar police and people who like to vigourously defend the language or mock others use of it. in particular, i really love the last couple of paragraphs:

If, say, Nero had been able to successfully force everyone never to change language, all of us in the West would be speaking Latin. Not French, Italian, Spanish, or even a good chunk of English: just Latin.

Language changes; dialects exist. Neither of these things are inherently bad. The opprobrium they bear is only that with which our society chooses to freight them.

and i was going to put in more, but got waylaid by skype, which i only got into this year and am totally loving. especially when it gives me a chance to see my nephews and nieces. there's something about talking to kids that can't be captured on the phone - there's so much more body language and movement than adults have when they talk!

ETA: yet another excellent post on kiwipolitico abou the exploitation of workers in singapore, and the role of NIWA in perpetuating that.

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