Sunday, 7 March 2010

save radio nz rally

i've been busy posting at the hand mirror over the last few days - i've badly neglected my responsibilities there over the last few months! thanx heaps to julie for holding the fort, and getting up some great posts when she is also extremely busy. anyway you can read my thoughts about another bollywood film, books, and income splitting over there.

yesterday i went to the "save radio nz" protest outside david bennett's office in hamilton. by the way, if you haven't joined the facebook group yet, please do so here. and there is the petition addressed to the minister of broadcasting, which you can sign electronically here. i won't go into all the arguments against commercialisation of the station, because there's plenty on the facebook page, and you can also see here, here and here.

the protest was attended by about 30 people, and we got quite a few toots and waves in support. it was interesting to hear people talk about the importance of the station to their own lives. for many of us, it was our only news source from the MSM. for myself, i've stopped visiting the stuff and herald websites, unless someone links to something that i'm interested in, and i gave up on television news a long time back. in fact, i stopped watching around the time the bill clinton-monica lewinsky thing was happening, and decided that what they showed at 6pm was not "the news" but "the entertainment".

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