Tuesday, 16 March 2010

being fashionable

i'm going to be in a fashion parade this week. yes, ok, you can stop laughing now. i know me and fashion (or should that be fashion and i?) don't go together well, but i do have a reason!

the parade is one of the events put on as part of the indigo festival in hamilton. this festival celebrates the "85 ethnicities" that live in hamilton, and includes a parade down the main street (happened on sunday), films every this week sponsored by a different community each night, a breakfast hosted by the chamber of commerce, and a fashion parade, amongst other things.

the so-called fashion that i'll be parading is part of a showcase of ethnic costumes. i'll be wearing a few of my abaya's with matching headscarves. i can call at least two of them fashionable in that i bought them this year so they must be the latest thing in muslim women's wear, right?

i've also been blogging at the hand mirror, with a post about the HRC report on hone harawira's outburst last year, and another one about job cuts at agresearch.


Julie said...

Good for you! I did a fashion parade thing for a wedding show a few years back - they decided to use actual brides for most of the designers (one decided she wanted professional models, so she got them, it was just as well because her dresses were v hard to walk in!). It was actually a bit fun and I think using models who are everyday people, with a range of body shapes, is to be encouraged :-)

stargazer said...

thanx julie. range of body shapes is about right - mine currently falls under short and plump (or cuddly, if you prefer)!