Wednesday, 10 March 2010

it's not justice

and... still posting at the hand mirror. in the last couple of days i have one about parenting styles and another about kathryn bigelow winning the oscar for best director (though there's very little of my own work in that one!).

i felt a little depressed about this article over at scoop. it's in response to the verdicts in the navtej singh murder trial. while i can understand the disappointment over the verdicts for the defendants that weren't convicted of murder and manslaughter, the kind of fist-thumping over "law and order" (or justice policy, as i prefer) that is occurring over this does not bode well for the future of nz.

and i hate the bit about jails being like 5 star hotels. that can only be said by people who haven't had to stay in one for any reasonable length of time. this kind of vengeful mentality can only ever breed more violence. it's just not healthy.

the nub of the matter is that this community wants to feel safe, but so do we all. and if locking people up for longer and in more horrible conditions did that, well i'm sure most places in the world would be crime free. instead, the countries which practice the "lock-em-away" policies tend to be dictatorships with not much prosperity for the general population.

sigh. sometimes i feel like i'm just going to be washed away in this rising tide of anger, fear and hatred.

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