Tuesday, 2 June 2009

notes from my sickbed

unfortunately not any kind of a decent post today, as i'm still struggling with a cold that had me in bed for the whole of the long weekend. which is probably part of the reason why i was feeling a little depressed at the time of my last post. so all the things i was planning to do over the weekend didn't get done but at least i didn't have to take time off work. don't worry, i have my own separate office so wasn't spreading germs everywhere.

i attended a ministry of women's affairs meeting last week, which i wanted to write about. maybe tomorrow. also am concerned about the attacks on indian students in australia, and good to see that amitabh bachchan has turned down an honorary degree in protest. a lot of the media (and particularly talkback) in australia has a hand in creating a very negative attitude in that country, and sometimes i think they should be tried alongside the perpetrators. this kind of stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum.

i'm also really saddened at the death of dr tiller who was murdered because he carried out late-term abortions. regardless of what you think of his work, this man did not deserve to be gunned down in his church. and he was providing life-saving services, as late term abortions are only performed when the mother's life is at risk or the baby is so severely deformed that there is little chance of them surviving for long. there had been no killing of persons providing abortion services during the bush regime at all, but were several during the clinton term. this killing appears to be more than what it seems - it's just as much a statement of outrage that the democrats are now in power.

and as usual, the media have been avoiding the "T" word. this was nothing more than a calculated act of terrorism, an act intended to cause fear to many more people than the intended target.

in any case, i'm going to hunker down & have an early night in my warm bed and hope this cold goes away really fast.

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