Wednesday, 17 June 2009

how to say sorry, and mean it

no post yesterday, as i took my doctor's advice and had a rest. and here is the post regarding the difficulties in finding a woman doctor.

i also have a post up tonight regarding the stoush between david letterman and sarah palin.


Moz said...

Sorry for a completely off-topic question, but do any Muslim women wear burqa or hijab made of polarfleece or some other toasty warm cloth in the winter? We're experiencing winter here and the question has come up :)

(it just seems tricky to ask the neighbours what they wear... so I'm asking you, sorry)

stargazer said...

now that is a funny question to be discussing! do you think our dress requirements include an injunction to freeze?!

for burqa-wearing women, they'd just wear a sweatshirt or other warm clothing under the burqa, and they may also have a thicker coat (if they use a two piece burqa). for women who wear hijab, similar. i just wear a winter coat and warmer clothing and have my usual headscarf in place.

Moz said...

Of course I didn't expect an injunction to freeze, we were curious about specific cold-weather outer garments. Warm clothing underneath makes perfect sense, but we only seem to see cotton/linen outer garments and were wondering whether there were alternatives.

stargazer said...

sorry moz, i was just kidding, should have put a smiley thingy next to the comment.

yeah, if they're still wearing thin outer garments, then i'm pretty sure they'd have warm clothing on underneath.