Thursday, 21 May 2009

the things we do

tonight i've been busy preparing a lecture for 4th year finance students which i have to deliver on friday. apparently universities want lectures to have a quota of speakers from out "in the real world" (as if uni is some kind of fake or pretend world). but they don't want to pay for them any more - budget constraints and all that. scumbags.

but this is a favour for an acquaintance (i so have to learn how to say no), and so i'm treating it as part of my public service. unfortunately it's about a lot of accounting stuff (rather than say politics, or religion, or social issues), so i don't believe i'll be expanding their minds or anything remotely like that. sigh.

so in lieu of a proper post, i'll direct you to:
- here, an excellent post about how african americans are listening to the GOP much more attentively than they seem to think.
- here, for some light entertainment based on reporting gone bad (hat tip to a commentor at public address, whose name i can't remember, nor can i remember the post they commented. sorry!).
- here, where you'll find labour MPs blogging, and doing a fantastic job of it (have just added red alert to my blogroll as well).
- here, for an interview with mohammed hanif, commonwealth prizewinning journalist & author.

and that's it, i'm off to bed.

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Deborah said...

but they don't want to pay for them any more - budget constraints and all that. scumbags.Just so. Universities are exceptionally good at exploiting people. I turned down work earlier this year, because they (i.e. a university) wouldn't pay me properly. Work in Ethics, would you believe!