Wednesday, 6 May 2009

human rights film festival

i've added a new blog to the blogroll today, called editing the herald. i was directed to it by julie in a post at the hand mirror. the writer does a fantastic job of pulling apart lazy journalism on the part of the granny. in a rather futile gesture, someone at the herald set their lawyer on this blogger. the results are pretty entertaining, and i suspect the herald has totally been pwned.

the human rights film festival is coming up soon in the main centres. there look to be some really good offerings, and the ones i would have liked to see are:
  • upstream battle about "Native Americans in Northern California [who] fight for their fish and the survival of their culture".
  • kicking it about the "homeless world cup". "From shattering misconceptions about the homeless to seeing people living at the edge of society discover that they also can be winners, the film shows in a real and powerful way that sport can and does change lives."
  • 8 which has directors such as mira nair, jane campion and gus van sant "give us their free and personal vision about our world".

unfortunately i won't be able to watch any of these, as the festival won't be coming to hamilton :(. we've lost our rialto theatre as well, which was the one showing the less commercially-hyped films. it's all too depressing. thank goodness i have the internet!


hrff_nz said...

Hey, but thank you so much for featuring us!

stargazer said...

my pleasure! keep up the good work...