Wednesday, 1 April 2009

congratulations helen

another post at the hand mirror today, about acknowledgement in parliament today of rt hon helen clark's achievements.

this post from the standard shows that tax cuts that aren't for the majority of new zealanders. what the herald table fails to mention is that there is a corresponding increase in ACC on the earners account, so that the person earning $100,000 will actually be getting around $18 per week and not $24.

i wonder when the majority (around 71% according to question time today) of new zealanders are going to realise that they are going to have to pay interest and principal payments through their taxes on a $1.4billion loan on tax cuts that they won't be getting. and that 30% of benefit of these cuts will be going to the top 3% of taxpayers ie those who need it least.

on another note,
this was a good piece on water quality by chris trotter.

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