Friday, 10 April 2009

taking part in research

i've posted at the hand mirror, about a nasty little incident that got me thinking today.

i realise that i forgot to link through to this post i did a while back on titles. the radio nz link will no longer be working by this time, but the main points are in the post.

one of my weaknesses is that i rarely say no to people who ask me to participate in research projects, particularly those working at the post-graduate level. it's mostly because i've been a student myself and know how hard it is to get people to take part in these things. they don't often take too much time, maybe an hour at the most, but i guess people don't often see the importance of social research. some of this is because of the poor way in which most research results are reported in the media, but also because anything that doesn't have a clear economic benefit is treated as being of little value in our current culture.

so i find that i will be taking part in two separate research projects this weekend, one by phone interview and the other a face-to-face interview. and here's another research project being undertaken by a good friend of mine, for those who meet the following requirements:
- one or both of your parents are of Indian ethnicity;
- you are either a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand, or have a temporary work or study permit;
- you currently reside in New Zealand; and
- you are 15 years of age or older.

you can participate in the survey by clicking here.

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