Thursday, 26 March 2009

police deal with diversity

have posted over at the hand mirror on the personification of nations, and how these most often tend to be women.

also glad to see that the police have launched a religious diversity guide to be use for training purposes. i have to say that the police have been very active in taking on diversity issues and incorporating this at various levels in the organisation. the appointment of ethnic advisors in the last few years and the push to recruit from ethnic communities both have been extremely positive steps.

i have to say that i had a small hand in looking over the muslim section of the guide, and thought it was presented really well. this from the race relations commissioner is particularly pertinent:

“While we live in a secular state in New Zealand, this does not mean public servants should be ignorant about the beliefs of the communities they serve. To deliver public services effectively, public servants need to understand their clients and gain their confidence.”

so well done nz police. let's hope that other departments will be as proactive.

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