Sunday, 14 September 2008

campaign launch

i've had a couple of posts up at the hand mirror, this on friday and another related one tonight.

have been extremely busy over the weekend, now that the campaign is officially on. we had an excellent campaign launch in hamilton on saturday, a joint launch of the waikato team with hon nanaia mahuta, sue moroney, martin gallagher, myself and peter tairi. hon shane jones came down from northland to join us.

it was wonderful looking at the breadth and diversity of our team. we laughingly refer to martin as the token white male, and he's kind enough to not take offence. but it really is such a contrast to the national team of tim mcindoe, david bennett and lindsay tisch, all three of them cast from exactly the same mould. no doubt they have different life experiences they bring to the team, but really, compared to our team they do look a little boring.

last night, i had to fit in 3 events over the space of a few hours, but it's all part of the fun. it surprises me how much i enjoy campaigning, given that i'd always thought of myself as an introvert (was painfully shy in my teenage years), but there you go.

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