Wednesday, 17 September 2008


i have a post up at the hand mirror, about fashion week.

and while i'm concentrating on appearances, here's a good by piece by tracey barnett about why appearance is something about sarah palin that we shouldn't be focusing on.

and of course, there's all the fuss about helen clark's latest campaign photographs, which have been done with soft lighting to make her look good, with some airbrushing to the whites of her eyes. i'd have to say that i also hate how there's so much focus on photo's of miss clark and none on photos of mr key. she's got to have a photo on the hoardings, of course she'll want a nice one. can we go back to talking about policies now?

and finally, on a more substantive issue, there is opportunity for giving your views on the UNCROC report (that's the united nations convention on the rights of the child). closing date for submissions is 17 october 2008. and don't forget that submissions on the proposed changes to sexual violence legislation are due by 30 september.

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