Tuesday, 2 September 2008

brilliant bloggers

the 4th down under feminists carnival is up at bluemilk, and the hand mirror has several posts entered (including some of mine!). looks like a whole heap of great writing.

speaking of which, i have to thank deborah at the hand mirror who has nominated me for an award, the first blog award i've received. i really love blogging at THM, it's wonderful to be part of a group of women with strong views, great writing skills and some very interesting experiences. and i love how we are able to disgree on issues, yet still contribute positively and have great discussions.
unfortunately, i don't know how to copy the logo though as you can see above, i have tried. here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog.
5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

so below are some of my favourite blogs, in no particular order. i've started with ones on my blogroll:

zen and the art of peacekeeping is the new blog of the writer of frida's notebook, who i totally admire for her peace activism and her beautiful writing.

dr sapna because she's the only other kiwi indian woman blogger i know, and because i love her bolshy, in-your-face style.

in a strange land from deborah. this is not just me returning a favour. i really love the stuff she writes about, and the angles she writes from. the writing is always intelligent, meaningful and leaves a lasting impression.

notes from the grey lynn singles club by lyn whose lefty blog i enjoy reading.

and some others that i like are:

hoyden about town, who has probably been nominated heaps of times but i love this blog because it takes on the advertising world, the sporting world, and every other sphere where women are treated as sex objects rather than as whole human beings.

one angry girl, who i found when i was looking for material on an anti-porn post i did a little while back. she has put together the resources and the arguments, as well as the voices of women who have worked in the porn industry. i ended up reading the site for hours when i came across it.

rage against the man-chine by nine deuce, which is often way too radical for me. but even so, she raises issues and speaks to them in a forthright, no-nonsense way and i often find that i agree with her thoughts even though i might not always agree with the way she expresses them.

so those are my seven, but i also love:

bluemilk, who nominated the hand mirror for this award which is why i didn't nominate her as part of my seven.

abyss2hope who writes about sexual violence issues. great consciousness-raising.

and finally, i received this today by email:

In response to enquiries from some of you, any member of the public wishing to comment on the suitability of Clint Rickards being admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand can do so by writing to:
Professional Standards Director, Auckland District Law Society, PO Box 58, Shortland Street, Auckland.
Letters must be received by 4.00 pm Friday week - 12 September.

Criteria: Before granting admission, the ADLS must be satisfied that a candidate "is of good character" and "a fit and proper person" to be admitted. Yesterday some media incorrectly stated that only ADLS members can comment. The ADLS confirmed with me today that every letter received by a member of the public will be attached to Mr Rickard's application, for consideration by the Society.
Therefore, your voice (and letter) will count.

i somehow can't bear the thought of this guy standing in court defending alleged rapists and abusers. i do know they need proper defence lawyers, but it just doesn't seem right that mr rickards should be allowed to do this. any victim that has to be cross-examined by him will not be able to put his history out of her mind.


Lyn said...

Anjum - thank you very much for the nomination - that's incredibly sweet of you, especially since I've been so not-blogging recently...I appreciate this very much.

stargazer said...

ah but it's quality, not quantity, that wins you the nomination!

Deborah said...

Thank you! Tears in my eyes and all that.... The linky-love from you means a great deal to me.

Marianne said...

wow - thanks! a new zealand blogger reading my blog! i didn't know that was happening since most of my readers have been overseas. thanks for the nomination and for the link so i can visit you in the future!