Wednesday, 9 July 2008

mark gets low

i had such a hectic day yesterday, having to fit in an orthodontists appointment and a physiotherapists appointment back to back - for the kids, not me! - then having to get said kids across town to their religious class. by the time i was finally free of all chores at 8pm, i was exhausted hence no post.

i've posted over at the hand mirror.

in the meantime, i found this press release by nz first, by reading this lovely piece of satire by lyndon hood. it's beyond belief that mr mark is responding to the feelings of fear and victimisation within the asian community by blaming them for their predicament. it's bizarre. what on earth does purse-snatching or the murder of an auckland store-owner in a hold-up have to do with gangs importing P? i honestly could not think of a more inappropriate response if i tried.

although, mr mark may responding to the comments of mr peter low, in which case he should make that a lot clearer in his press release. just a little sympathy would not have gone amiss, but he seems to have avoided that altogether.

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