Thursday, 3 July 2008


have posted at the hand mirror today, about bullying.

also getting my goat today is the truck driver's strike, apparently organised several weeks ago ie well before they knew road user charges were going to rise. i thought such a co-ordinated protest across the country was too difficult to organise in just a couple of days.

if i'm less than sympathetic to the truckies, it's because of the false premise of their complaint. maurice williamson, complaining about how hard times are for these businesses, ought to take a look around. it's hard for everyone, but the rest of us don't expect someone else to pay our share of road maintenance and new roads. it's hard for the taxi drivers, the couriers, the businesses that have to pay freight costs, for you and me who have to fill up at the pump every week. it's hard for everyone around the world, for that matter, and most of us aren't in a position to pass our costs on to "the consumer", because we are the consumer.

the upside is that maybe people will realise that we will all be much better off with fewer of these big machines on our roads. i'm just wondering what happens if an ambulance has to get through.

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