Tuesday, 29 July 2008

king george

like charles chauvel, i too have been to the dentist today, and had the usual round of injections and a filling (to replace one that came out). hence not in the mood for a detailed post today.

i'd like to recognise the soon to be crowned king george tupou V of tonga. it's not often you see someone prepared to give up some of their power in favour of democratically elected representatives. of course, public agitation and unrest would have played a significant part in his decision, but even so, to take that on board without having to be deposed or imposing a new level of tyranny on the people is something to be celebrated.

now if we could only move to something similar in fiji. a lot of work needs to happen in that country to achieve a similar democracy. however, replacing what is currently there with what preceded it is not the answer. from what i've heard, it wasn't a fair system, particularly for the indian population.

good to see more promotion of breastfeeding. while i do recognise that many women have problems with breastfeeding, i believe that as a society we should be encouraging it where possible. and we should have support structures that make it easier for women to do so.

finally, funniest version of ahmadinejad has to go to tv1's agenda programme, who have transcribed it as "amin deinjad". someone has got to give that transcriber some quick lessons on current world events. even reading the world section of a major newspaper once a week would help.

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