Monday, 11 February 2008

twelve zeros

it's been an extremely busy weekend - in auckland most of the day yesterday, then popped over to tauranga today, so haven't had too much time to post.

got this from one of my networks (fncl is apparently a quaker group):

**Military Budget Has 12 Zeros**
For the first time in history, the total 2009 U.S. military budget proposed by the president will surpass one trillion dollars. The military budget has increased by 70 percent since President Bush took office, according to the White House. FCNL calculates that the increase may be closer to 100 percent:

but has the world become a safer place?

i wish peace groups could get similar funding. wonder what results they would get with that kind of money! or maybe money is as corrupting as power. probably they'd end up fighting over who gets to spend the money, and on what.


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