Tuesday, 12 February 2008

bomb disposal

just spent the evening with duraseal and 1B5's. the education system finds many ways to torture parents (don't even get me started on homework), and this is one of the worst of them. at least it involves only 1 night in a year!

just a collection of random thoughts today. found the interview about the removal of cluster bombs in lebanon on morning report interesting
. i just can't understand the use of cluster bombs, landmines and depleted uranium bombs. it's one thing to carry on an armed conflict (well, a terrible thing actually). but to use weapons that will continue to inflict damage on innocent victims for many years to come must require a very deep-seated hatred of the target population and their children and grandchildren. i just can't make sense of it.

i have a book called "the ultimate war crime" written by robert anderson. it has details about how depleted uranium bombs are created, and the history of their use in the since the first gulf war. not recommended as bedtime reading, as it deals with some truly disturbing stuff.

on a brighter note, nice to see more funding going to early childhood centres (
http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA0802/S00118.htm). one of the most important policies last year was the investment into early childhood education. the positive impact on children in later life is well proven, and there's a good mix of centres getting funding - including the "global indian montessori early childhood education centre" (?!)

in listening to all the news coverage of the attack on the president of timor leste, i have not heard the word "terrorist" or "terrorism" used once. this appears to be a cold-blooded, planned attack to remove the political leadership and put the country into chaos. sounds like a terrorist attack to me. and very sad for a country that has already been through so much.

finally, i'm really pleased to hear that tariq ramadan will be visiting the country later this month. i've not read nearly enough of his work, but i have been impressed with what i have read. i also heard a BBC interview with him on the radio last year. he seems to be a voice of sanity in an increasingly hostile world. here's a sample
http://www.tariqramadan.com/article.php3?id_article=1305&lang=en. his most well-known book is "western muslims and the future of islam". i'm really looking forward to hearing him speak in nz.

post script: had to take the radio nz link off, as it's no longer on their website. apparently there is to be a conference in wellington relating to cluster bombs this week.


Ken said...

I think we should be paying more attention to depleted uranium armaments in the coming discussion here on nuclear power. I suspect many of us will be seduced by the low carbon footprint (probably not a low as we think) and see the waste problem as something that can be stored in mountains. However, depleted uranium is one of the waste products from the industry and this should be included in our discussion. Together with the problem of plutonium manufacture (as a problem for proliferation and terrorist use) and the fact that the nuclear industry is so intertwined with the military industry.

stef said...

I agree cluster bombs are vile, not just for injury but because they trap people in poverty.

See here: http://exexpat1.blogspot.com/2008/02/why-cluster-bombs-are-bad.html