Saturday, 16 February 2008

shakespeare at the gardens

i've been working on the appearance of the blog, really appreciate the commenters who have helped me out. i can now link properly - woohoo! and i'm loving the new specially designed header.

not in the mood for a serious post today, even though there is
this, and this or a number of other things which could have me carrying on for a while.

but i'd rather talk about the
hamilton gardens summer festival which started today. there are some great events happening in beautiful settings. our favourite is the shakespeare plays, which we've been going to for the last five years. it's lovely to watch a live performance in a flowered garden, as the sun sets and the sky slowly darkens. when i first started taking my kids, i thought they wouldn't enjoy it so much because they wouldn't understand the language. but they can pretty much follow the story lines, and enjoy the costumes, the performances and the setting.

so for those of you that think hamilton is just a provincial town, well you're absolutely right. but we can do culture too!

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