Sunday, 8 February 2009

summer, not always a good thing...

i've been melting in the heat today. and yesterday, and the day before. we've had a few weeks of glorious weather, but all it does is remind of last year's drought in the waikato. i've been seeing the results of that during the year, as we complete financial statements for dairy farmers. many of them had no milk production for march and april last year, so lucky that they had a record high payout at the time.

the soil outside my window is looking extremely parched, the grass is browning all around the countryside. but even so, it's nowhere near as bad as the current disaster in australia. losing your life in a fire must be one of the worst ways to die - i always remember colleen mccullough's graphic description of this in the "thorn birds".

so my thoughts go out to all the people in australia suffering either because of heat, fire or flooding. i hope things get better real soon.

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