Wednesday, 18 February 2009

in memory of aasiya hassan

i've posted at the hand mirror today about a muslim woman killed by her husband in america. the response by ISNA was something that really touched me.

on a related note, i mentioned to the kids that chris brown had been charged for assaulting a woman, likely to be rihanna. (yes, you'll have to google the names if you're not into modern pop music). they were, of course, shocked. but the first question my elder daughter asked was "what did she do?". i couldn't believe it, not "how could he have done such a thing?" or "what's wrong with him?". it just proved how much the victim-blaming culture is ingrained in our society, because i can assure you that she never got that attitude from me!

of course, daughter got a strong reply along the lines of "who cares what she did, he has no right to hit her", with which she (thankfully) instantly agreed.

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Anonymous said...

That is something I've heard a lot since the assault hit the news, and I'm (as always) shocked by how often that question comes from women. I'm so pleased you and the other mothers (and aunties, godmothers, sisters etc) who read and write for Hand Mirror are teaching your daughters and sons that that is the wrong question to be asking!