Sunday, 19 February 2012

refresher on palestine

i'm really physically exhausted tonight. i've had a few days of intense activity at the 9th national interfaith forum, which is now over. i'd like to say it was a wonderful forum, but i didn't get too much of it. the feedback, however, has been good & i did have the opportunity to connect (albeit far too briefly) with some wonderful people. i can at least confidently say that they were all well fed, the food was plentiful and on time, and the kitchen & dining room were kept clean!

i got to put my feet up tonight when i went to a talk by a palestinian woman about palestinian history and contemporary life. much of this stuff i already know, but there were still things to learn about history that i really need to catch up on. the present offers little hope - there are no significant efforts at working towards peace, the world seems to have lost interest in the midst of a financial meltdown and popular uprisings across the middle east and the west. these people continue to live in a desperate condition with little sign of progress towards self-determination. in the meantime, settlements continue to be built and the land continues to be stolen bit by bit.

i've heard many talks about palestine from a variety of sources, but it is something else to hear it from someone who lived through the first and second intifadas, and had to suffer the consequences. in world full of injustice and inequality, the lives of the palestinian people become just another small part of a larger narrative. and we wait for something to change, but somehow it never does.

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