Friday, 24 February 2012

no more training wheels

it's been a while since i added a blog to my blogroll. but this one is well worth a look at. it's written by a young woman with a disability, who writes with a maturity and perception well beyond her age.

also thinking today of the port workers in auckland, starting on their 3 week strike today. i hope they can hold out and prevent their jobs from being casualised. i really wish i could go up to auckland to support them, but i'll have to settle for moral support. and also financial support. if your able to help:

Financial Support

We have set up 2 ways for individuals to provide financial support for our members: by calling our information line 0900ourport / 09006877678 to make a $5 automatic contribution or by depositing money into our bank account:

Account name: MUNZ National Fighting Fund
Account number: 02-0560-0450165-004
Branch: BNZ Manners Street, Wellington

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