Thursday, 3 November 2011

light relief

having spent today fighting a troll who thinks criticism of the american government equates to hating all americans (given that i constantly criticise policies of this national-led government, he must think i hate all nz'ers too), or asking for people to be equally aware and compassionate of tragedies (natural or caused by humans) around the world means that i hate all americans, i'm going to link to a couple of funnies today.

not generally a fan of hamish & andy, mostly due to personal preferences - their humour seeming a tad too childish to me. but this really did make me laugh:

also had a really good laugh with the three-way handshakes site. here are a couple:

i thought this image (apparently from here) was pretty clever:

i do have plenty of serious things to say, just not the energy to say them tonight. maybe tomorrow.

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