Monday, 28 March 2011

campaigning for MMP in auckland

the downside to being a student again is that you get homework. i'm terrible at homework. i leave it til the last minute, but am totally stressed out by the fact that i haven't managed to get it done. i find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to do homework, no matter how much i might be enjoying the topic i'm studying.

and it doesn't help that other commitments keep me busy. yesterday i spent the day at the auckland international cultural festival, campaigning for MMP and here's the proof:

the weather wasn't wonderful, but it was a great way to catch up with a fair few people i knew, including the wonderful ruth, julie & her very cute & cuddly baby (who seemed to have a fascination with my bottom lip for some unknown reason), louisa wall, the peeps from the human rights commission & the migrant action trust, and sundry others.

the support for MMP seems to be quite strong, though you would expect that from the sort of people who attend this kind of event. there were a lot of people keen to get information on the campaign and please do visit the website if you want to get regular email updates or help out with the campaign.

i've had some posts up at the hand mirror over the last week: one on experiences at a hospital A&E, another on the wisdon of making a hero of someone who fought a bully, another on parental bullying, one on victim-blaming, and finally one tonight on the troublesome mr latta.

if only i could be as consistent at writing up my homework.


Julie said...

Was ace to see you, glad you got some cuddles in :-)

blue milk said...

Hi. I've checked out your blog before but for some reason didn't realise you were a mother and so hadn't added you to my blogroll, how could I have overlooked that? Anyway, all fixed now. Great to have you on my blogroll and I look forward to reading your blog more often.

stargazer said...

thanx blue milk, i really appreciate that. i love your blog & am a regular reader so this is a real honour for me :)