Thursday, 16 September 2010

might lead to something sensible

i'll just put up some links today. i've had some posts up at the hand mirror: one on the child support review, another on the teachers strike (which unfortunately has a troll descending in the comments), and the last one on the government's response to the report of the task force for action on sexual violence.

also, here is an excellent interview with my friend rehanna on nine to noon this morning (radio nz, 9.35am). she deals with the issue of islamophobia in an extremely eloquent way.

and just a quick thought for the day. with all the stuff happening around david garrett & his troubles with the law, it looks like there may be a positive. it's that his and the sensible sentencing trust's hard line on justice issues may finally lose some steam. it opens the opportunity to have a better, more intelligent debate on justice. especially when this lot have started talking about forgiveness, rehabilitation and the like. i'm certainly hopeful.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say the fact that Garrett is going to lose his seat is also a pretty big positive. Even if he wasn't somebody who had done a lot of harm to New Zealand women, criminals deserve to be punished.