Wednesday, 29 September 2010

the government just wants you to stay at home

i've just put up a post at the hand mirror about funding of community law centres.

also in my local news today, we've found out that the local buses will be more expensive & there will be fewer runs. this is because of reduced government funding for public transport. public transport in hamilton is already sub-standard. one of the main problems we face at shama (hamilton ethnic women's centre) is the fact that women find it really difficult to get to the centre if they don't have a car. and many of the women we provide services for don't have a license let alone access to a vehicle. it can take up to one & a half hours to get to the centre using public transport, and it's so frustrating that it might not only take longer but will also be more expensive.

yes, i'm getting a tax cut from this week. but what's the use of that, when people who really need support are getting so much less in so many areas.

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