Wednesday, 28 July 2010

loving maori language week

i've been posting over at the hand mirror over the last few days, with a post about one of my favourite films, another on getting more women nominated for honours, and a post today about the lack of stories about peace.

also loving maori language week, again. it's great to see the media making such an effort - it's one of the few times when i really love nz media. especially good has been the waikato times, with a major article every day this week on te reo, a list of 10 words with translations every day, and audio files on their website. today's article is here, so you can see what i mean. and the week started off with this, not so well written, but quite courageous piece. can't wait to see all the outraged letters next week!

yes, and i'm one of those who think maori should be compulsory at nz schools. it's a language of nz and we should know how to speak it.

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