Wednesday, 7 July 2010

fighting trolls

i've just posted over at the hand mirror, on a couple of topics related to workers rights.

it's been a bit of stressful afternoon over there, in the comments section. the worst of the comments have been deleted by me, and they certainly weren't as bad as some of the stuff we got last year when we covered the rape allegations against an aussie sports commentator. still, the threat to derail our blog in a rather aggressive way was unsettling. reminds me why i still choose to moderate here.

the attitude of this particular troll was quite telling. the need to intimidate, control the environment and dictate terms. all classic tactics used in domestic violence situations. luckily he backed off once his bluff was called (and after he got some wonderfully robust responses from other commenters). even if he had persisted, i would have turned on the moderation until he got bored. but really, i can't understand people with so little empathy or caring that they would try to impose themselves in that way.

oh well. i did want to write something about the new australian proposals to deal with asylum seekers, but i've run out of steam just now. maybe tomorrow.


ScubaNurse said...

I really appreciate all of your efforts over on the handmirror.
A lot of women read and belong because they have been victims in the past, and some of those hideous comments just re-victimise.
There have been studies done that bullying is detremental to kids, BUT a kid who stands up to a bully ofen goes on to success.
What better way to stand up and fight back than in a situation such as this with a suport network around.

stargazer said...

thanx so much for your comment. i guess that standing up to bullies does have a risk, and luckily in this case there wasn't much of one at all. i'm surprised at how quickly he gave up actually. i think i tend to feel a little more unsafe because i don't blog anonymously, but on the other hand, i've fought a lot of battles and don't give up too easily. especially not when it's something as important as the hand mirror.

it's so hard to create a safe space for women to share their experiences, and i'm not sure we have quite managed it. but i'm glad that some women still feel able to share, because i think we learn so much from personal experience.